Richard W. Laston III. Licensed Massage Therapist.

Richard W. Laston III. Licensed Massage Therapist.

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Before Massage Therapy, my location was in Oregon and was working at various retail locations selling things I did not want to sell to people and disliking my job. My Intention in life was not to dislike my career choices. I decided to move back to Arizona and put my efforts into healing people. My fascination with the body and how all the systems work together to make a person brought me to Massage Therapy. My career and change of lifestyle have drawn out my passion and desire to aid people in the process of self-healing.

In my practice, I bring Eastern and Western modalities into my sessions. My touch ranges from light pressure to deep pressure. Overall, my touch naturally goes to a gentle firm therapeutic touch. With this type of touch, my work allows you to relax or sleep while your body gets the healing it requires. The goal of my sessions is to improve mobility, relieve pain management and correcting posture or body dysfunctions.

Therapeutic modalities that I specialize in particularly are:
Clinical Bodywork
Injury and Trigger Point
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage
Cranial Sacral
Reiki (level 1)

Richard is available during these hours at the Orthopedic Sports Therapy location.
Tuesdays 12 am – 8 pm.
Wednesday 9 am – 1:30 pm
Thursday 5 pm – 8 pm
Friday 9 am – 1 pm

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