Donna Steverson - Licensed Massage Therapist

“Passionate about Massage”

(only working ground level single family home locations)

Donna Steverson massage therapist

Donna Steverson

MT- 10904

As I was searching for a career in the medical field, I wanted to be able to provide help and healing to others. I wasn’t sure that working with blood and internal would be a good fit for me! After experiencing a car accident, I received care through massage and bodywork! Once I recovered from that, I knew I had found the way to provide service and healing for others and I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy!

13 ½ year ago, I attended Apollo College for massage, and I have been continuing to grow and evolve in my career ever since. I am very proficient with assisting clients in the areas of their legs/calves, neck and lower back. I am inspired by helping clients with neuro muscular pain and discomfort. I am continually learning new techniques to improve results and I love my career as a massage therapist.

My career goals include healing others, improving my skill set as a therapist to provide deepened and lasting results and to keep massage as a focus within my path and career. I strongly believe that if the client is willing to work with the process of massage, well maintenance and lasting results will occur. Although I am very proficient and adjust pressure based on the needs of my clients, I feel that my signature touch is providing a feather pressure to bring the session to a wonderful and complete end.

I chose to work with Massage Therapy Fusion, as I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of the client’s home, and I am excited about building my own clientele under the umbrella of Massage Therapy Fusion. I am very excited to meet you and provide you with your, in- home concierge massage therapy service! I am your massage therapist!

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