Erin Rogers - Licensed Massage Therapist

“Chonic issues and injury Maven!”

Erin Rogers LMT

Erin Rogers – MT- 27031

To schedule with Erin Rogers call (818) 298-9848

I chose to pursue a career in massage therapy because it gives me the opportunity to help people feel better, daily. I attended the Hands-on Healing Institute and have been licensed and practicing for 10 years. I worked in California and built a strong practice. I am dual licensed in both AZ and CA and I do travel back to CA to work with my long time clients.

I have made AZ my new full-time home, as I have a 6-month-old and my family support here. It is my goal as a massage therapist to grow and maintain a thriving practice by providing alternative pain relief options and having satisfied clients that schedule consistently with me for well maintenance care. I listen to my client’s needs and educate them on my work to help them understand whole body care. I am respectful of pressure preferences and truly tailor my session to the client’s best benefit and wellbeing.

My client’s results from the work I have provided is absolutely what drives and inspires me in my practice. I specialize in deep tissue, MFR, pre- and post-natal care. I am always striving to learn new modalities and am hoping to continue my education in lymphatic drainage.

Erin travels Far East valley including Gold Canyon, Queen Creek and SanTan Valley.

Concordia Massage & Bodywork
(818) 298-9848

I am a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist and I create safe space and boundaries for your session.

Massage Therapy is for well being, therapeutic purposes only. There is NO sexual component to massage. Any inappropriate requests or behavior will result in immediate session termination, report to the authorities and refusal of appointments in the future.

I honor your safety and boundaries and I expect the same in return.

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