Greg Kirschenbaum - Licensed Massage Therapist

"The Life Changing Pain Reliever!"
Greg Kirschenbaum - Licensed Massage Therapist

Greg Kirschenbaum


From ad maverick to Chinese medical practitioner, the one guiding principle that I have carried throughout my life is that everyone should be treated equally. Nowhere is this more important than in health care, as our health is the foundation for enjoying a full and happy life.

It was a series of life traumas that inspired me to seek out the most effective and lasting healing methods from ancient and modern systems. I experienced a heart attack which resulted in a 35% loss of heart function. Having a near-death experience at the young age of 44, I knew it was not his time to go. This, along with the tragic loss of family, compelled me to pursue healing through TCM. I immersed myself in deep study of various healing modalities. I became a massage therapist, attended acupuncture school, and am currently a student of tai chi, qigong, and kung fu.

The incredible success I’ve had in treating my own issues has influenced my deep desire to help others heal. Today, I integrate allopathic medicine, including medical massage therapy and neuromuscular, soft tissue, acute, and chronic pain management with Chinese medicine, including acupressure, cupping, TuiNa, and Guasha and Moxabustion, to bring about the most profound healing in my patients. I, as well, specialize in Ischemic compression trigger point therapy, ROM issues, Moving Qi, Active and passive stretching, deep tissue, Cranial Sacral and Swedish.

My goal as a massage therapist is to bring together both modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine into the same room while as well creating reimbursable value for massage treatment. I look forward to creating a cohesive and comprehensive whole wellness program.

I am excited to become your Massage Therapy Fusion practitioner, bringing my healing services to you in the comfort of your home!

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