Jamenia Bean - Licensed Massage Therapist

“Pain Manage-Her!”

(Jamenia Bean only Works with female clients)

Jamenia Bean - Licensed Massage Therapist

Jamenia Bean

I have always wanted to assist people in a natural way that would provide relief for their aches without medication, and so massage therapy was the career for me. I attended the Rockford Career College and have been a licensed massage therapist for three and half years. Eventually I want to add more massage techniques to my knowledge like Sports massage, and reflexology, but for now I specialize in Deep tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and assist in stretching/ PNF.

I joined Massage Therapy Fusion because the company holds certain standards that I like for my line of work. Any company that prioritizes their clientele and therapists is one I want to be a part of. I like being able to help clients and often recommend they stretch daily or receive massage monthly to maintain their body. Massage is a way for others to maintain self-care so that they can also be in a better place physically and mentally to help promote others to prioritize their self-care.

My daughter whom I aim to give multiple opportunities to motivates me in my own careeer, and so do the clients I can help. Each time I help someone feel better it makes me want to keep sharing the gift of massage so that people continue making time to take care of themselves. I help maintain your body so you can continue to get the most out of life. I use multiple modalities to customize each clients session! I fix problem areas that have been bothersome AND areas that you didn’t even know needed fixing! I look forward to becoming your well maintenance massage therapist!

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