Tank Rogers - Licensed Massage Therapist

"The Mechanic of your Muscles!"

Tank Rogers – (will travel to Multi level locations with elevator only, no stairs. Clients 18+ only)

Tank Rogers licensed massage therapist

Sherman Rogers

I have been licensed and practicing massage therapy for 11 years. I am a graduate of the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. I chose my career in massage therapy so that I could help my clients to manage their stress and body disfunction.

My specialties include deep tissue structural work and I am as well trained in Lomi Lomi massage. I customize each session based on the communication with my client and their needs. I share knowledge and information to maximize the benefit of my clients sessions.

My goals as a massage therapist include assisting my clients, continually learning and growing as a practitioner and sharing my knowledge with my clients. I am truly inspired in my life and career by creating a peaceful environment and avoiding drama.

I found Massage Therapy Fusion through a hiring ad on Facebook and once I inquired I felt that this would be a great fit for me. I enjoy the flexibility and appreciate the deepened comfort level that my clients can have by being in their own space for their sessions.

I look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your well maintenance program by building a consistent schedule! You can always know when “today is massage day!”

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