Zac Shave Licensed Massage Therapist

"Hips and Shoulders- Fix It-Specialist!"
Zac Shave - Licensed Massage Therapist

Zac Shave

I was attracted to join Massage Therapy Fusion because I got to know Christina personally for many years. She is one of my good friends now and has great energy.. She truly brings only the best people on board, which is why I am honored that she allowed me to be a part of her team of therapists.

I became a massage therapist after medical issues took me out of being a full-time mechanic. It all started when an Army Veteran buddy of mine pointed me to massage when I needed to find a new career. I attended Arizona School of Massage Therapy and quickly, I fell in love with how massage can help transform people. Thus, I have been practicing and licensed for 5 years now!

Providing the best massage that I can for a client brings me happiness, and I can keep developing my own techniques. There are so many opportunities I would love to have from being a massage therapist, like going to travel to learn massage techniques from some of the massage teachers around the world. This career gives me a reason to keep learning, and I am inspired to do so with my family and kids being my number one reason to do my best!

For now, I specialize in a technique I call, “Fix It.” It is a style that I use where I combine many different modalities into the strokes that I do. I listen to the client’sneeds and build upon prior sessions. I am particularly good at helping clients with their shoulder region and hips, where often tension is held.

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