About Massage Therapy Fusion

Massage Therapy based on your needs.

Massage Therapy Fusion was created to help connect passionate independent massage therapists with clients seeking personalized consistent and thorough massage treatment as a part of injury recovery or wellness maintenance program. Each therapist has a profile containing the types of massage they provided and cities they provide mobile/in-home massage therapy making it easy to find a massage therapist that travels to your area. We also have locations available to provide your massage therapy needs if you prefer to come to us.

Massage Techniques Fused.

Your massage therapist will utilize a variety of massage therapy techniques within each session based on your needs.

Call 602-472-1290  9-5 Monday-Friday to schedule by phone.

Email: info@massagetherapyfusion.com  for after hours and weekend communication.

Check out what some of our clients have to say:

“I am a member of the Social Committee at work and, as a committee, we decided to do something special for our employees as a way to say “Thank you for all you do!” We decided to bring in Massage Therapy Fusion to give chair massages. BEST DECISION EVER! The employees loved it and it was a unique way of appreciating them for their dedication. We have 300 employees in our office and it was something everyone could enjoy. We set up a tranquil conference room and 5 therapists came in to do 10-15 min sessions which were facilitated by sign-up sheets. The employees loved it so much, we are bringing them back 2 more times this year. It was not expensive and the therapists were wonderful!”

– Leslie


“Our company wanted to provide something different for our employees and decided what better way to show appreciation than to offer massages. Message Therapy Fusion was hired for our Holiday Event. The day of the event, Massage Therapy Fusion had 5 different massage therapists that offered multiple types of massage dependent on the employee needs. The therapists took the time to find out what the employees were having issues with and offered any future ideas to assist with different types of pains. All employees were more than satisfied, so much so that we have already reserved them for future events! I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Rosa


“If you truly want long term benefits from massage therapy, you have to go about selecting a therapist that you can establish a long term relationship with. Think of it this way, when you go to get your car serviced at some random mechanic that had a deal posted online, you are one of hundreds of possible clients. They may want to get you in and then get you out of the shop quickly without establishing a relationship. The next time your car needs service, you are back to square one, explaining everything that was done and what is the current problem is to a new mechanic. The same reasoning can be applied when selecting a massage therapist. Many of us get a massage once in a while or as a special occasion, thinking of massage therapy as a “once in a while activity” This leaves us feeling great for the duration of the massage and the rest of the day, but then our body adjusts back to the negative alignments that we have developed in the past. Tight shoulders, sore back, tight quads, calves and a host of other ailments.

I have discovered that by building a relationship with a massage therapist, we are both aware of my musculature issues that need to be addressed, and having consistent therapy allows those issues to be treated at a level where discomfort never gets to a high level between sessions. Building a relationship with my therapist allows me to trust that they have my best intentions in mind and know how to address specific areas based upon my comfort level, without me having to explain to each and every new therapist what I need addressed, the style I am looking for, etc. Establishing this relationship leads to a more relaxed experience during the therapy process. As an athlete, I find massage therapy allows me to recover faster from sports related injuries as well as provide a positive mental boost to keep me focused on what is important. The consistency of the treatment allows for injuries to be addressed quickly as well as mitigate possible future flareups before they happen. I see it not as a “special occasion” but as part of my bi-weekly routine that allows me to do the things that I want to do in life.”

– Jay B, San Tan Valley