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Massage Therapy Fusion was created to help connect passionate independent massage therapists with clients seeking personalized, consistent, and thorough massage treatment as a part of wellness maintenance and/or injury recovery program. 

Christina McCarty, a single mother, (of a now college student) and the founder/owner of Massage Therapy Fusion was able to build her private massage therapy practice through dedication and hard work to a level where her schedule was at full capacity. She couldn’t accept any new clients and even sometimes had trouble manipulating her schedule to accommodate the needs of her client base that she cares very much for. Achieving this kind of success was not an easy thing to do in a competitive marketplace, but she did so through her work ethic, drive to succeed, and passion for using massage therapy to help people. 

Having reached this level of success, Christina wanted to do even more by helping other massage therapists that wanted to convert their own passion for massage therapy into successful private practices of their own. All Massage Therapy Fusion therapists are private contractors who are licensed, insured, and work for themselves. Christina loves passing on the knowledge that made her practice a success to therapist she believes can achieve the same success that she has. Giving back to the craft of massage therapy by connecting clients with high quality massage therapists is very important to her. Christina personally vets each therapist to make sure they are able to provide massage treatments that are consistent with her standards and that of Massage Therapy Fusion. The mission is simply to be the best provider of massage therapy services, and then… rule the world… Ah ha ha ha ha ha! 

Starting a new business while maintaining her private massage therapy practice has not been easy. but the idea of helping other therapists that believe in helping people through massage therapy is what drives Christina to do this. There have been so many new challenges along the way of this journey. Massage Therapy Fusion was launched in 2014 and each year has brought new lessons learned and challenges overcome. Every day has been another step in balancing the success of Massage Therapy Fusion with the morals and principals it has been built on.

Massage Therapy Fusion is not a large corporation, we have an owner, and a secretary/administrator, and friend that helps with the web design, the rest are the the reliable team of contract massage therapists that are deidcated to the craft of improving peoples lives through massage therapy .  There is no other massage therapy company out there that has a business model built on client/therapist first and business second, mentality, ethics, and practices. We believe that this philosophy of doing right by our clients and the massage therapists we  work with is what makes us better, and we will continue to succeed because of it. 

A consistent regiment of massage therapy is vital for you to be and stay at your best. Finding a quality massage therapist to provide consistent treatment at regularly scheduled intervals that work with your and the therapists busy schedules can be challenging. Receiving your massage in the comfort of your own home helps keep you relaxed and allows for maximum benefit of treatments, and makes it convenient to fit into your schedule. Finding the massage therapist that gets you and your body’s needs and works with you to schedule these ongoing and consistent in-home treatments is our goal. 

Each therapist has a profile containing the types of massage they provided and cities they provide mobile/in-home massage therapy making it easy to find a massage therapist that travels to your area. We also have locations available to provide your massage therapy needs if you are on the go.

Massage.cloud was simply created to host the Massage Therapy Fusion website, it is a short and catchy top level domain name that is easy to remember, easier to type, especially on mobile devices, and spawned the creation of the Massage Therapy Fusion logo as well.

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Christina McCarty

LMT and Owner of Massage Therapy Fusion.

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