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We are no longer accepting appointments through April 30th due to the official stay home mandate by the Governor. Please check back for more updates information on May.

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Massage Therapy Fusion

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6 Reasons why you should choose Massage Therapy Fusion

  1. We come to you. No need to drive and add stress before and after your massage. Stay at home and be comfortable. Let us do the driving and deal with the traffic.
  2. All of our massage therapists are licensed, insured, and vetted. You will receive your massage treatments by highly trained professionals who are dedicated to their work.
  3. We bring everything that is needed. Massage table/chair, oils, music. Unless your prefer to provide your own.
  4. Our therapist care about people. We want to help you and can tailor your massage treatments to fit your needs.
  5. When you pay for a 60/90/120 min massage you get that time hands on. No charge for travel, set-up, and tear-down time.
  6. We do our best to match you with a massage therapist that can provide ongoing treatments. Building a relationship and trust with our therapists allow them to learn what works best for you and provide massage and treatments that benefit you the most.

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Check out how you can save on your massage and therapy treatments. Get a great massage and save $.


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Massage types

Massage Therapy Fusion offers many Modalities of massage to meet your needs, as well as combinations of modalites.

A consistent massage therapy regiment is key to vitality

Regular massage treatments can help you live a longer and healthier life. Many athelets and celebrities receive daily massage therapy treatments. And some have made it clear that they attribute the the massage therapy treatments they receive in part to their longevity of lives, playing streaks, performance on the field, as well as not missing games due to injuries. 

Massage therapy is NOT just for athletes and celebrities. Not everyone has the salary of a celebrity or professional athlete and can afford daily massages. Once a week, every other week, and once a month (depending on  lifestyle, budget, and activity), are all excellent options to help you improve or maintain your body as part of a wellness routine.

The fact is, massage therapy can benefit anyone. From people that work laborous and physical jobs, people that have high stress jobs, people with physically active lifestyles, elderly people, and people that need help with injury recovery or disabilities. With todays increase of focus on physical health and well being you should be  making regular massage treatments part of your routine.



Our Team

The greatest results from massage therapy are achieved when the body and mind are in a relaxed state. Having your massage therapy treatments in the comfort of your home or place of choice (hotel, office) with a therapist you know and trust as well as he/she knowing you and what your body needs, will help you stay relaxed and gain maximum benefit from your massage treatments. Our massage therapists use a variety of modalities (techniques) based on your needs to maximize results.

Massage Therapy Fusion was created to connect clients seeking high quality massage treatments as part of a consistent regiment that benefits their body the most, with the expertly trained massage therapists that are passionate about their work and want to build their massage practice providing in-home massage therapy.

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Massage Therapy Fusion
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