Amber Raye Hardin - Licensed Massage Therapist

“Whole Body Energetic Bodyworker!”

Amber Raye Hardin licensed massage therapist

Amber Raye Hardin

(does not offer prenatal massage)

phone:  (520) 280-5866

60 minute $100

90 minutes $130

120 minutes $190

I talk with my clients to find out what they are experiencing in their bodies. Through communication I discover what they would like to work on during the session. I find it helps a client’s session when we start  with deep breathing, essential oils (if no allergies), a little guided imaginary, and then usually their tension simmers away and allows the massage to do it’s magic. It is also most helpful when a client communicates their pressure tolerance on a 1-10 scale for me to know their needs!

I travel to:

The Northern Arizona Prescott Tri-City area


Prescott Valley

Chino Valley

My career as a massage therapist began after having  injured my back! At the time I was attending Esthetics school, but due to my injury I had to investigate a change of career. Most of my esthetics clients at the school had planted the seed for me to look into becoming a massage therapist. They would ask if I were a massage therapist and my answer was always, “no,” so their answer was always, “…well you should be one!”  I attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and behold…I absolutely love it.  

I offer a combination of all my modalities into one customized session to provide the most benefit for my clients. 

I am motivated. Helping people is what inspires me.  Massage can assist clients to get closer to living their best life! I want my clients to feel safe and relaxed, address the tension or aches they might be expressing, and finally aid them in releasing that tension. My goal is to build long standing and growing client relationships with them so they can maintain long happy healthy lives with receiving massage.




The 7-step release system

Deep Tissue


Cranial Sacral


Energetic lower spine & leg release.

I am a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist and I create safe space and boundaries for your session.

Massage Therapy is for well being, therapeutic purposes only. There is NO sexual component to massage. Any inappropriate requests or behavior will result in immediate session termination, report to the authorities and refusal of appointments in the future.

I honor your safety and boundaries and I expect the same in return

Massage Therapy Fusion
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